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Josh and Elyse’s near-perfect bathroom…in week one!

Josh and Elyse might be the youngest contestants on The Block, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing - as witnessed this week with the presentation of their truly stunning bathroom - complete with The Block’s first ever circular bath!

Josh & Elyse's stunning bathroom received high praise form the judges.

“It was a big room to start with, so we really wanted to make an impact,” says Elyse of their stunning black and white space. One of the things that really sets it apart is the use of a stunning skylight feature, giving the room a distinct feel.

Elyse says the skylight gives the room a big impact

“We wanted to make a big impact, which we thought we could do by using different ceiling details, and skylights,” Elyse explains.

Darren was blown away. “It’s dramatic,” he said at judging. “The bath is dramatic, the ceiling is dramatic...and I love the play of circles, on circles.”

Shaynna agreed - she loved the couple’s use of the large, circular bath, sourced - at great expense - to be the focal point of the room.

“We brought in the big, round white bath, and worked around that detail. We styled back from that,” Elyse says. “The judges loved it - so happy days.”

Darren loved the play on circles in this amazing bathroom

They did indeed, Neale awarding their space a near-perfect 9.5 points. And while Shaynna took small issue with the size of the vanity, all up, it was a fabulous start to the competition for the young go-getters from Victoria.

“If you read these bathrooms of a sign of what’s to come, we are in for one hell of a ride,” Neale said. And he’s not wrong.

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Elsewhere on The Block:

Sarah & Jason scored well with the judges with a 24 out of 30. The judges called the room ‘pretty’ and thought the bones of the room were great, especially the Velux skylight and the floor tiles.

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Sarah & Jason's pretty bathroom

Hannah & Clint in house 2 had a rough week. The rookie renovators just couldn’t complete their bathroom before the Sunday judging deadline. Despite this they received some praise for their choices.

Neale said it would have been a very nice bathroom - if it was finished. He said “It’s a great shame because it would have been a superb room. The floor tiles in particular are lovely.” 

Shaynna loved the layout of the room. She loved the size of the vanity, the tapware, and basins. All great choices in her opinion.

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If it was finished this bathroom would've been beautiful.

Despite being beaten by Josh & Elyse by 1.5 points, experienced renovators Georgia & Ronnie received some great feedback from the judges. Shaynna immediately loved the colour palette in their room. She absolutely adored the geometric tiling on the floor. And loved the tiles on the wall - especially the matte finish. 

Neale said: “I really like this bathroom. It’s bold and contemporary. Neither too feminine or masculine, neither too contemporary or too period.” Just strikes the right balance between the two he thought. He said: “If I walked in here as a buyer, I would be blown away by this. My only criticism is that it could have been a bit bigger for a family bathroom in such a big house.”

Darren Palmer said “I think we’ve got a beautiful looking room anyway - great vanity, basin, tiles, taps and mirror. He said “there’s SO much to like in this bathroom, right down to the light switches.” 

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The black and white colour palette is striking

Sticks and Wombat were beaten by Josh & Elyse by only half a point. Their bathroom received excellent feedback from all three judges especially for their copper towel rails which Neale thinks they have tapped into the trend right now for things that are bespoke.

We love them too and their amazing tile feature wall.

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The skylights in Sticks and Wombat's zen bathroom make a great statement

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