Is Georgia a copy cat?

Sparks flew during this week’s explosive Body Corporate meeting, where Jason accused Georgia of copying a room from the Norsu Interiors Instagram page. But was she really at fault? And are the others just as guilty?

She got a perfect score for her gorgeous girls bedroom. But this week, victory has been tinged with bitterness for Ronnie and Georgia, after they were confronted by Jason at a body corporate meeting, who accused them of copying their room from the Norsu Interiors Instagram page.

“It looks like the same prints, in the same position, with the same toys on the bed, with the same thing over the bed,” Jason said. “Even the two prints on the wall were side by side, exactly the same.”

Georgia was devastated by his reaction.

“I was so proud of that room. And for someone to pull me up for cheating is just bullshit,” she said tearfully after the meeting.

/media/blog/brad_lara_shelley.pngBrad, Shelley & Lara from The Block Dorcas StreetCopying other people’s styles? Oh god yeah, says Lara

But was the WA contestant really at fault? After all, it’s no secret that all the contestants reference social media for inspiration.

And, according to past contestants, the practice is commonplace.

“Copying other people’s styles? Oh god yeah,” says Lara, winner of Dorcas Street Block. “I was so bad at my style, I had to copy other people’s.

“[Fellow contestant] Sophie was so good. I would go to her and she would tell me the shops to go to. And Sophie would even look for stuff while she was out, and tell me to go to a particular shop.”

Even Hannah - the originator of all the drama with the picture she sent to Clint - agrees that copying, or referencing other people’s designs, is common. And not cause for too much concern.

“At some point all of us have gone onto social media, be that Instagram or facebook, and we have gone, ‘I want to do that,’” she explains. “I think [the abuse at the Body Corporate] was a little uncalled for.

“I had noticed that there were similarities - I have been following Norsu for a while - and I definitely noticed, but that was just one element, and just one corner of the room.

“There were so many other elements to that room - the cabinetry, the storage - that also made it a winning room.”

Check out this picture gallery to see how other couples have taken inspration... 

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