Image galleries: last night’s Block en suite reveals & scores

They were pretty impressive all round last night, don’t you think? I’d be happy with any of those en suites in my house, apart from Ayden and Jess’s effort (sorry guys, you know I love you, but it was too much!). So while I agree with the judges’ first (Josh and Charlotte) and second (Dee and Daz) places, I think perhaps Tim and Anastasia should have come third rather than last. Their bathroom, dodgy finishes aside, was pretty gorgeous, if not up to scratch. So it’s a tough one.

Nice work by Charlotte and Josh with their second win in a row and no more money worries! I absolutely loved the black and white contrast, the plantation shutters and the timber vanity.

Here are pics of the finsihed rooms..

Josh and Charlotte

Buy the Vanity Here

Tim and Anastasia

Buy their Bathroom Accessories here

Jess and Ayden

Buy their Elliot Pendant here.

Dea and Darren

Buy their towels and cermaics here.

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