How to make the perfect bed

The Block’s resident bed gurus, Ronnie and Georgia, walk us through their fail-safe rules for making the perfect bed.

When it comes to styling a room, no one does it better than Georgia, who’s had the judges oohing and aahing each week, thanks to her clean lines, simple colour palettes and a keen eye for design. But there’s one area, in particular, she’s got nailed - the making of beds! In fact, in twelve series of The Block, we’ve never heard such high praise from Shaynna, Neale and Darren.

Ronnie and Georgia with Elise and MattElise and Matt along with All-Stars Ronnie and Georgia created a simply stunning guest bedroom in 2019.

So, what’s her secret?

“The secret here is - wait for it - you have two doonas in one doona cover,” she laughs. “It makes it extra fluffy. I also like to use a contrasting sheet, then a comforter and a throw. And of course, the layering of cushions.”

While Georgia is happy to take credit for her skills in the bedroom, Ronnie is quick to point out it’s not all down to her manchester magic.

“The first thing people do when they buy sheets is to throw out the packaging,” he says. “But a lot of thought has been put into that. Georgia just copies what they have done!”

Aha - the secret’s out!

The only other trick the couple will admit to is upsizing their linen.

“That means, if you have a Queen-size bed, put a King on it. And if it’s a King, opt for a Super King. It just ends up looking heaps better,” Georgia says. “And you don’t end up getting too cold in the night.

Georgia & Ronnie's 48 hr challenge room, The Block 2017The judges said Georgias abilities in styling were at a professional standardGeorgia puts two donnas inside the cover to make the bed look plush

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