2024 Bathroom Vanity Tips and Trends

Vanities are a central visual element of the bathroom. Your decision will be largely based on the bathroom’s style and, you know, budget!

7 simple steps to follow when buying your bathroom vanity including some inside tips from our very own Block star Deb Saunders:

1. What type of bathroom are you creating?

Will your bathroom be a zen retreat, a family hub or a minimalist designer ensuite? The purpose of your bathroom, available space and budget will determine the overall design and the products you choose.

Kristy and Brett Bathroom 2023Kristy and Brett's bathroom featured the Issy Cloud Vanity from Reece and we absolutely love it, the timber creates warmth in this timeless room.

2. Bathroom floor plan

Once you have a clear idea of all the things you want to achieve with your reno you need to start working on your floor plan. Ensure you place the vanity with enough walk around space and avoid tight gaps which are tough to clean. Make sure you measure wall-to-wall and that you are choosing a design that fits your space. 

The judges complemented Leah and Ash on their bathroom floorplan which will now add significant value to the home having a full bathroom downstairs right next to a bedroom, well played. They also loved the vanity!

3. Consider getting a plumbers advice

Whether you are building a new bathroom, renovating and moving your fixtures or keeping the layout the same check that supply and waste pipes don’t need to be extended. Check the dimensions of the new vanity and ensure it fits with existing plumbing.

Steph and Gian Bathroom 2023
Steph and Gian created a beautiful powder room, but were stripped of points because of what the judges considered a poorly considered floorplan with the door opening up straight to the toilet. Shop their bathroom here.

4. Ensure the vanity is stylish yet functional

A vanity can tie together the whole look and feel of your bathroom. Refer to your bathroom your wish list! Know your design style and what look you're trying to achieve. A sleek industrial look or a Hamptons style with some shaker cabinets, real beautiful timber vanities or concrete or stone benchtop? Do you want the dream double sinks for the morning peak? The list goes on...

Common Wood Co
Block Shop Supplier, Common Wood Co is based in Marrickville NSW and create custom vanities to suit your needs, and are fully sustainable, using only Australian timbers, they are also a small family business full of a team of absolute legends. Get in touch with them here via The Block Shop.


5. Vanity Storage 

A key consideration should be storage! “Think about how many different uses the vanity has for the variety of its users and what each person may need from it,” says judge Darren Palmer. “Day-to-day items of varying sizes need to be concealed and stored.” Nothing ruins the look of a dream bathroom faster than a hairdryer sitting out on the countertop. 
Whilst your vanity should provide your maximum storage you can also take advantage of mirror cabinets and some rattan baskets under your wall mounted vanity.

Eliza and Liberty 2023 bathroom
Eliza and Liberty had the judges divided on the moss wall, but one thing they agreed on was that the girls had given ample storage in this downstairs bathroom, the only one to feature a bath!

6. Freestanding or wall-mounted vanity?

Wall hung are the most popular in new bathrooms these days and are definitely the number one choice by Interior Designers for the minimalist look. The space created underneath the vanity can create an illusion of space making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. A free-standing vanity is a great option if you are looking for ample storage, have some plumbing to hide and are after a quick renovation on a budget without plumbing changes.

Andy and Deb vanity, The Block Shop
This beautiful vanity is available with both flush push to open drawers or soft closed drawers with shadow line finger pulls, as selected by Block Legends Andy & Deb.

7. Makeover your current vanity

If you are renovating to a really tight budget and a new vanity is not an option “Change the top of the vanity,” says Alisa (The Block: Sky High winner and Fans vs Faves). “Whether it’s to a stone or a timber top.”

Mitch and Mark Bathroom The Block 2021
“Change the top of the vanity,” says Alisa, if renovating on a budget and dont forget to style the space with al.ive wash & lotion duo.

Block star Deb Saunders shares her Block vanity experience and tips with Insider Style:

With so many hard tile surfaces bathrooms can feel very clinical. There are a few ways to soften a hard space. One of them is to add timber. It helps to warm everything up and brings a raw natural feel to the room.  We loved our vanities in our Block house. They were handcrafted from White Mahogany and Australian hardwood. We chose the White Mahogany because we loved the light cream and brown hues. 

The vanities were extra special because they were made by our niece Tori and her partner Brad. They own a business called How’s That House. It’s easy to see that the artisan joiners take pride in the vanities and furniture they make. This wasn’t the first time we had used their vanities as we installed one in the bathroom of a house we renovated right before we did The Block. I knew the workmanship was second to none as was the timber. 

HowsThatHouse with Deb and Andy at The Block

Tori and Brad hand-delivered them to us, driving 1192km each way to do so. They did this twice as we used their vanities in 2 of the 3 bathrooms we built in our Block home. That still amazes me. It was such a mammoth effort and we are so grateful. Having a little piece from them in the house was really special too. We are very proud of them and the business they’ve created and their bespoke handcrafted vanities added value to our Block house. 

Shop How's That House vanities HERE

Deb and Andy ensuite vanity The Block
"The white vanity we used in our first winning en-suite bathroom was the Neo Slimline by Reece. We loved the moulded sink as it creates lots of bench space and has a minimalist feel. Very sleek and sophisticated. I chose a gold handle from Schots to customise it a little.  You can do this too. Add a new handle, match it back to your taps and or styling items. Have some fun and watch your bathroom come to life! " Deb tells Insider Style.

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