Ronnie and Georgia have landed in Melbourne and have no idea what awaits them...

We can't even imagine what this year's Blockheads are going through on the eve their big TV adventure. But one person can - last year's contestant, Georgia Caceres! The Perth Mum, and renovator extraordinaire, opens up to Insider Style about how she felt this time last year:

Ronnie and Georgia nervous flight to start the Block 2017
Ronnie and Georgia on the flight over to start The Block 2017.

"I’ll never forget our flight over to Melbs. I was already super emotional about leaving the kids and venturing into the unknown. Then the fear of failure well and truly kicked - um, what the heck are we doing!?! We’ve just let the kids for 3 months, we’re about to renovate on national TV for millions to judge - can we do this? Are we actually any good? OMG can I even style a room? Who are we competing against? Wait, we don’t even have a builder! What if we totally suck, omg we totally suck…. SHIT! 

"Thankfully, a glass of vino and the reassurance of 'cool, calm and collected' Ronnie put my mind at ease.

"I’m a total control freak - I like to know what's going on, when and how it’s happening. So to surrender control was a big thing for me to overcome. Truthfully, we never really thought about how we were going to be perceived. It’s too hard to try and be something, or someone, you’re not when you've got cameras in your face 24/7 - from day one, we were who we are at home.

Georgia arrived with luggage ready to start The Block
Ronnie and Georgia have landed in Melbourne and no idea what awaits them...

"Love us or hate us, one thing’s for sure - we were genuine, and what you see is what you get!

Day one of filming, reality kicked in. Our house was derelict, half a roof, wet carpet, no running water… wait what.. um this is where we’re sleeping! I remember thinking, 'What have we just got ourselves into?'"

Ronnie & Georgia Game Faces On
Game faces on - let the mayhem begin!

Many thanks to Ronnie and Georgia for sharing, we love having you as part of our Block Shop family!

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