Have a very woofy Christmas

We've got stacks of ADORABLE Chrissy gift ideas for pets!

Just because they've got four legs instead of two, doesn't mean our little pet friends have to miss out on all the fun this Christmas. If you love spoiling your pets, then we've got you covered, with a selection of super cute pet accessories for your little furry darlings.​

Pets at Christmas

 Dog Wash
A gentle wash specially formulated for dogs using carefully selected essential oils and natural ingredients.

Woof pet bowl
'Woof' pet bowl by Bendo. Why shouldn't our canines dine in style? Dinner is served with a bowl and stand that elevates any meal. For medium to large pampered pooches.
 'Bruce' the fish cushion.
Check out this Gummy Shark! Bruce The Fish cushion is a whimsical aquatic addition to any couch set up. You won't need to 'fish' for compliments with this little beauty. Fish - Get it? Ah, never mind... 

 Sprint Pet Cooling Mat
Summer is coming - and so is the heat. Help keep your fluffy little hot-bods cool with this great 'Sprint Pet Cooling Mat'

Pet Gifts

It’s hard to understand until you’re there….But once you’re a pet person you’re a pet person for life. Whether they are rescued (thumbs up emoji), dachshund or siamese, we know how much you want to spoil them. 

We’ve selected a range of gifts from a heated pooch bed to keep your bundle of fluff cosy and warm to designer leather dog collars, even scarves. Grooming kits and eco pet wash PLUS dog and cat bowls that are worth leaving out in the kitchen. If you love spoiling your pets this Christmas, then we've got your little furry darlings covered HERE

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