Georgia & Ronnie's ever growing art collection

Today we got a little sneak peak of some paintings Georgia & Ronnie have purchased! We like!!!!

Georgia and Ronnie have used some awesome art this series and we can't wait to see what comes next!

Ronnie checking out their new artwork on The Block 2017Ronnie & Georgia's artwork from the 48 hour challengeAnother stunning photography piece used in Ronnie & Georgia's 48 hour room challengeRonnie & Georgia's beautiful artwork used in their guest bedroom winFabulous prints used by Ronnie & Georgia in their winning guest bedroomArtwork used by Ronnie & Georgia in their controversial kid's bedroom winThe stunning print 'The Catcher' used in Ronnie & Georgia's winning living/dining roomThe captivating artwork 'The Moment Awaits' was used by Georgia & Ronnie in their master bedroom

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