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Ronnie & Georgia: From Hero…to Zero

Ronnie and Georgia got slammed for their media room - but how different was it to the room Hannah and Clint presented, and won?

Surprisingly, Hannah says she thought her neighbours’ space was great - and quite similar to their own. She’s unsure as to why it didn’t score as well, but suspects the couple’s decision to repurpose the old fireplace may have played into it.

“I actually quite liked their space. It was quite similar to ours. It had the same square metreage. But I think they missed the mark with the fake fire place,” she explains.

“Our whole room was styled around our fireplace (a gas fire, that was switched on for judging). So it seems a bit odd to have an ornamental fireplace in a room like that."

Hannah & Clint winning sitting room The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint's winning sitting room

The judges agreed.

“Putting the effort into making it a central element, but not giving you the benefit of a flame and heat - that’s sort of taking the piss,” Darren said at judging.

Georgia and Ronnie were both surprised to have been given such low scores, dismissing Neale’s unfortunate comments that their space looked more like a “bad nightclub” than a traditional sitting room.

“I am really proud of it,” Georgia said after judging.

Ronnie & Georgia's sitting room The Block 2017 Judge Neale Whitaker slammed Ronnie & Georgia's sitting room

Putting the effort into making it a central element, but not giving you the benefit of a flame and heat - that’s sort of taking the piss.

So why does she think they ended up doing so badly?

“I think, for us, we had identified that back studio (above the garage), as a separate office space. So I think it made sense for us to have a separate living space in the main house,” Georgia explains. “Because the living area is actually not that big. So I thought it would make sense to have an extra living space in the house, and have a totally separate office space out the back. But they obviously didn’t like it.

“We will take on board their feedback, but I think it’s a really gorgeous room.”

And as for Hannah? She’s just glad it wasn’t them being judged harshly this week.

“Ronnie and Georgia are entitled to one miss,” she says. “They’ve had that many hits throughout the series!”


You be the judge: Have a look at this picture gallery and decide which room you like best....

Hannah & Clint in their winning roomHannah and Clint found the stunning Melbourne prints on the wall the night before revealHannah thinks their gas fireplace set the room ahead of Ronnie & Georgia'sGeorgia's proud of the sitting room despite being slammed by the judgesThe judges said Ronnie & Georgia's sitting room felt like a nightclubStyling detail in Ronnie & Georgia's sitting roomThe judges didn't like Georgia and Ronnie's refurbished fireplace & said the mirror looked like it was from the Aladdin set.

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