Easy does it! How The Block Shop fell in love with Easycraft

Creating a cosy v-join vignette for The Block Shop Pop Up in St Kilda, store manager Harrie Colella, found Insta- inspiration from some former faves of The Block. We asked her all about it and why Easycraft was the obvious answer.

 St Kilda Block Shop Harrie St Kilda Block Shop Manageress Extraordinaire, Harrie.

How did you come across the Easycraft product? 

We follow (The Block: Glasshouse contestants) Michael and Carlene’s Instagram very closely as we love their style and what they do. When we saw their finished room using Easycraft Panels, I immediately jumped on the Easycraft Website to investigate further. 

What did you love about it?

The Easycraft panels came ready to fix to the wall. This helped with our budget because we did not need to pay our trades for long hours of work. The panels also came primed which cut our painting time in half! 

 Michael and Carlene Duffy Easy VJ Carlene Duffy's stunning EasyVJ walls @easycraft.panels Our conversation went something like this: Michael: “How many walls do you want in VJ?” Carlene: “All of them.” Carlene says "It’s a bit addictive." (Picture: Instagram @michaelandcarlene)

Why was it perfect for the space

It created texture to the area which then created a warm feeling to match our bedroom vignette perfectly.

 The Block Shop St Kilda. Harrie worked with Carla O’Brien to create the amazing neon sign and make our Block Shop feature wall come to life.

Tell me about the installation process? 

Easycraft delivered three sheets of the panelling that were made to measure for our feature wall. It made the process easier for our builders (S&N Design and Renovations) to install. The panels were just fixed to the existing wall with a nail gun- super easy! 

How did you pick the colour? 

We wanted to create a bedroom scene that felt warm, modern and inviting. We also knew that our linen for our bedroom scene would be ever changing so we wanted to choose a trendy colour that would also suit many of the linens we showcase at The Block Shop.

 Nadia Black from Reno Rumble. Nadia Black from Reno Rumble was on hand to help do the dirty work!

Any tips for where it would be great for people to use? 

It makes the perfect feature wall! It would be great to use in any space that needs an extra layer of texture, such as the bedroom or living or dining spaces.

 Carlene Duffy Dining Space Adding that stunning extra layer of texture, as seen here at Casa Duffy. (Picture: Instagram @cedarandsuede Art by @tania_blanchard_creative Styled by @carleneduffy)

Installation tips or tricks? 

For large panels, like ours that were three metres high, having someone holding the panels in pace, while someone else uses the nail gun to fix them to the wall, makes the process super speedy. And, as always, measure twice cut once. Easycraft will take care of the rest!

Would you use it again? 

I would absolutely use this again. In fact, I want it for my own house!

 Installing Easyclad. The made to measure sheets were just fixed to the existing wall with a nail gun - it's that easy.

The Block Shop Pop-up store is closing fear not - you've still got until October 31 to pop down and check out what's in store and our stunning feature wall of course!

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