Do kitchens or bathrooms sell houses?

Scotty and Shelley Weigh-in... 

Scotty and Shelley Our Block hosts Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft have seen many a kitchen and bathroom renovation in their time!

Scott Cam:

“I think kitchens sell houses. They are the hub of the home, space where family and friends gather. You fall in love with the kitchen you can update anything else. Obviously, they’ve got to like the rest of the house, but if the kitchen is good, then that’s a good thing.”

Deb and Andy winning kitchen reveal The block 2019
Andy and Deb's winning Block kitchen was a real show stopper. 
 Elise and Matt Kitchen reveal The Block 2019
Complete with black tapware, a state-of-the-art cooktop and that amazing concrete-look induction range hood El'ise and Matt delivered a stunning kitchen on their series of The Block in 2019.
Kerrie and Spence winning kitchen reveal The Block 2018
Who could forget this winning kitchen by Kerrie and Spence in 2018 with those amazing state of the art appliances!
 Mitch and Mark Kitchen reveal The Block 2019
Splashback goals in Mitch and Mark's quirky kitchen reveal.

Shelley Craft:

“I think, if it was me, I would always be happy to renovate a kitchen, whereas bathrooms are locked in stone. You can change a kitchen - you can’t often put in a new bathroom. So for that reason, I’d probably say bathroom. Also - can I choose the number of bathrooms? Because, for me, we’re talking one per bedroom.”

Tess and Luke winning bathroom The Block 2019
Tess and Luke's winning bathroom from The Block 2019.

Elise and Matt Bathroom reveal The Block 2019Calm colour tones and that gorgeous concrete feature wall won us over in El'ise and Matt's Bathroom.

Norm and Jess Bathroom reveal The block 2018Who could forget this oriental-inspired bathroom by Norm and Jess?

Deb and Andy vanity
Vanity goals in Deb and Andy's Block bathroom. 

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