Designing on the fly

Sticks and Wombat have decided to add an ensuite and walk in robe to their room, after hearing what Josh and Elyse are doing. But will their last minute design decision come back to haunt them?

By adding two extra rooms, the boys are now well behind their team mates. They need walls, floors and ceilings - not to mention all the things to style the room. No wonder Sticks looks stressed.

Foreman Dan, for one, believes that designing on the fly is never a good thing.

“You just don’t want to do that,” he says. “Having said that, I actually didn’t do any designing when I was on the show - Dani did it all. But she was very organised.”

Scott Cam says forward thinking and a good, solid plan is vital when completing a renovation - making changes at the last minute can be catastrophic. Take heed, boys.

“Avoid variations as best you can,” he says. “So that means, don’t change your mind once you lock something in. 

“Every time you do a variation it costs you five to ten grand. You do five variations, and it’s $50k out of your budget, and then you blow out.”

That’s what is likely to happen this week - especially as Sticks has been told at the last minute he’ll also have to rip up their floor. 

Things aren’t looking great.

“We’re borderline maybe going to finish. If we have any more issues we’re cooked,” says Sticks. 

Here’s hoping it’s all OK.

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