Darren Palmer spent a whopping one million bucks designing this space!

See inside the room that was SO bling and SO expensive... it came with its own armoured guard!

Darren Palmer Million Dollar Challenge Room

When Scott and Shelley told Darren Palmer to go all out and design a room that was “the epitome of luxury", boy did he run with the brief, turning in a space that tallied up to an extraordinary $1,140,000! Yep - that’s over a million buckeroos! 
It was all part of this week’s challenge, which saw our contestants split up into teams to design a luxurious room. They didn’t quite have a million dollars to spend - in fact, they only had one per cent of Darren’s budget, with $10k to spend - but they still had to make their space look as drop-dead amazing as possible. 

Million Dollar Challenge Room
This is what a million-dollar room looks like! Look at that luxurious $50,000 Solatium Sofa.

Teams for this challenge were split into Mitch and MarkTess and Luke and Matt and El’ise, versus Jesse and MelAndy and Deb and Block All-Star special guests, Bianca and Carla (Gatwick: 2018).
Yep, the ladies who hold the crown for NEVER having won a challenge were back to see if they could break their run of bad luck. Read on to have a nosy around Darren’s amazing million-dollar room.

Million Dollar Challenge Room
World-renowned interior designer Blainey North is used to luxury environments pictured here in Darren Palmers million-dollar room.

Million Dollar Challenge Room

A few drool-worthy standouts that helped Darren reach his whopping budget...
A Kerman Persia rug - $22,700
The sculptural lighting fixture Nepenthes $162,000
The firebox and surrounds $39,000
Fred Cress Artwork 'Carschenna' $250,000
Atoll Chaise Lounge $164,000
Grace Chairs x 8 $17,240
Strobe Coffee Table $16,000

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