Chris + Sasha: ‘There’s a lot up for grabs!’

Now that their apartments are complete, our Blockheads must work together to renovate the Challenge apartment.

“I like the idea of us all working together,” Chris tells The Block Shop.

Sasha agrees. “It feels good to be in a group.”

The build might be a team effort, but as always, the couples will be responsible for individual spaces, and those spaces will be judged. While some consider playing it safe, others are stepping out of their comfort zones …

“This gives us the opportunity to take a few risks,” Sasha says.

Kim and Chris are presenting a terrace, but Julia and Sasha have opted to present a kid’s room.

“There’s a lot up for grabs obviously.”

“There’s huge prize at the end of it: money off our reserve, which is money in our pocket really, if all goes well,” Chris says.

Each week, the winners will receive $20,000 off their reserve price, while second place win $15,000, and third win $10,000. There’s the potential for one couple to cut $40,000 from their reserve – no small sum! It’s the sort of pre-Auction advantage that could decide the winner of the whole competition.

Elsewhere on the Block, Karlie and Will are preparing a guest bedroom, secret-bathroom experts Andy and Ben are taking a crack at the master ensuite, while our Boomers Dan and Carleen work on the main bathroom.

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With the end of The Block just around the corner, our Blockheads have started to reflect on their experiences.

“It’s definitely been harder than I thought it’d be,” Sasha says.

“Julia and I aren’t afraid of hard work, but this – being tired, being hungry, being emotional, being under time pressure and having to do a build – it’s challenging.”

If they could go back to their first day on site, both Sasha and Chris have advice for their past selves.

“Stick to what you know, stick to your style,” Chris says.

“We changed styles thinking it would be disrespectful to the judges if we didn’t, but we had to change back.”

“Pace yourself,” Sasha adds with a laugh. “Go with your gut, trust your instincts and back yourself.”

The rooms this year have blown the judges and audiences away, but looking back on their work, they have favourites.

“I just love the feeling when you walk into our main bathroom,” Sasha says. “And our kitchen, I absolutely love our kitchen. The design, the style, the cover, and those Goggenau appliances.”

“We love our master bedroom,” Chris says. “When Neale said that was the most glamourous room he’d ever seen on The Block, being huge Block fans, that was massive for us.”

Revisit Julia and Sasha’s completed Block apartment, and be inspired by their selections.