Chris + Kim: ‘We gave it our all!’

There was a lot at stake in Scotty’s 48-hour challenge, and Chris and Kim certainly rose to the occasion.

With only two days (and a very limited budget) to renovate an empty pod into a bedroom and ensuite, the duo from Newcastle pulled off the impossible. They presented the best Challenge room the judges have ever seen.

And they’re ecstatic their hard work’s paid off.

“We knew out of all the challenges and all the Room Reveals, there was one that was the most important to us: the first one,” Kim tells The Block Shop.

“We gave it our all!”

It’s clear to see why. The outcome of the challenge determined the order the Blockheads picked their apartments. Some have more space and higher ceilings, others have more light and better views, and Chris and Kim have their pick of the lot.

“We always said we’d never apply for The Block unless we were ready to give it everything,” Kim explains.

“We’ve been waiting to give it a crack, and as soon as Scotty showed up, it was ‘GO!’ time for us.”

Their aim was the keep the space as functional as possible. They knew they would be living in it for the next three to four weeks, so they incorporated everything they’d need to live comfortably. It was all about practicality.

“And we had to keep it as high-end as the budget would allow,” Kim adds.

They did a stellar job too. It was incredibly thought out, and the planning and precision on display, from the floating timber shelves to the concrete pots, was remarkable.

It all started with a colour scheme in mind – they wanted to stick to coppers and warm timbers. You can replicate the combination with this Niko pendant and recycled timber mirror.

They weren’t afraid to think outside the box … inside the pod. Chris reckons their choice to centre the door was a winning move.

“Putting the door in the middle of the space really opened up the space,” he says. “That allowed us to put in the desk and storage.” 

The judges might have been impressed with what the Blockheads produced in 48 hours, but will the pods make comfortable homes for the next few weeks? Our contestants will be the judges of that.

“Some people didn’t insulate their pods,” Chris reveals. “It wasn’t part of the marking criteria, but I think it might backfire on them in the coming weeks.”

We hope not!

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