Check out these cute Block Babies!

There must be something in the water at Scotty’s HQ - Take a look at some of these freshly-baked Block Babies


Dylan and Jenny

Dylan and Jenny from The Block 2022, have taken to Instagram to announce they are expecting their first child in July this year.

The Tradie couple were fan faves in Gisbourne, this couple worked tirelessly to produce a beautiful home, and once filming wrapped they were onto their own house in Queensland, we can't wait to meet your little baby tradie this year, huge congrats!

Jenny and Dylan expecting first childThe tradie couple from The Block 2022, Dylan and Jenny have announced they are expecting their first baby in July 2024 on their instagram @dylanandjenny



Tom and Sarah-Jane

Tom and Sarah- Jane, fan faves from The Block 2022 have taken to instagram to announce the safe arrival of baby number two, a sweet baby boy!

"Drew James Roy Calleja" was born on 27th October 2023, weighing 3.1kgs and 51cm long, Sarah-Jane said "He is everything we could have ever dreamed of and we are more than obsessed"

Congratulations to Tom, Sarah-Jane and BIG sister Cleo. Tom has been working hard on The Block 2023 as the head plumber, we hope you guys have a well deserved break as a family of four!

Welcome to the world, Drew Calleja with the cutest big sister Cleo and Mum and Dad Tom and Sarah-Jane Blockheads from 2022.



Tash and Brad 

Tash took to instagram to share that the couple are expecting their second child, caoptioned Jan 2024, sharing the arrival date with her followers, alongside the sweetest video of Tash sharing the news with partner Brad aswell as the couple's family as always Harry whom Tash shared her Block experience with had a beaming smile when he read Archie's shirt with the 'big brother club" text on it!

The couple also shared the gender of the baby letting off pink confetti, congratulations to this beautiful family we are so thrilled for you!

Tash and Brad expecting baby number twoImages via the most beautiful heart felt video on Instagram @harryandtash, and Archie what an adorable big brother you will be, we are excited to meet the next little lady to The Block Fam!


Josh and Elyse 

Josh and Elyse have welcomed their second baby boy, Zaii Barker on 18th May 2023, we are so thrilled for these beautiful Blockheads, enjoy the newborn bubble.

Wishing you guys so much love and if you haven't seen the video on Elyse's instagram check it out here, hilarious! 




Block winners from 2017 Josh and Elyse are expecting their second child any day now, the couple have shared the most beautiful images on Instagram, including the very cute impending big brother Sunny.

Elyse recently celebrated before baby number 2's arrival with sister, Tahlia, and her Byron besties,  showering the mum to be with love. We are so excited for the new addition here at The Block Shop!

Josh and Elyse Elyse celebrating her final days as a mum of one, Images via @elyse.knowles taken by


Josh and Elyse The Block winners 2017Take a trip down memory lane here of Josh and Elyse's house on The Block, we loved watching them all those years ago, what a precious little family they have become!


Next year will mark The Block's 20th Anniversary and we would LOVE to see some old Blockhead's, who would be your pick? I'm on team Josh and Elyse all the way!

Tom and Sarah-Jane

Tom and Sarah-Jane, from The Block Treechange in 2022, and undoubtedly one of the hardest working duo's we have ever seen on The Block have announced on Instagram that they are expecting baby number two! Cleo will be the cutest big sister and we can't wait to see this beautiful little family grow.

Congratulations to the three of you, we are so thrilled for you guys!


Tom and Sarah-Jane Baby newsSarah-Jane took to instagram to announce the exciting news, baby number two arriving in October 2023. Pics via @tomandsarajane


The couple already have daughter Cleo, what a cute big sister! Image via @tomandsarahjane.


Josh and Elyse

Beautiful Block couple Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker have taken to Instagram to announce they are welcoming a second child and Sunny will become a big brother.

Elyse announced she is 20 weeks pregnant with the couple's second baby, and isn't she just glowing!

We wish this beautiful family all the best for a safe arrival of baby number 2.

Josh and Elyse Baby The BlockElyse took to her instagram to announce the exciting news for this adorable little family pic via @elyse.knowles. 

Tash and Brad

Block favourite Tash has taken to Instagram to announce the safe arrival of her first baby, a beautiful boy, Archie!

Tash and Dad, Harry, appeared on The Block 2020 and quickly became fan favourites. Tash announced Archie's arrival via instagram @harryandtash. 

"Our new little family member joined us last week and already  has taught us so much. We love you more than we could ever have imagined and can't wait for all the adventures our family has to come" 

What a lucky little boy being born into this big beautiful Greek family, one thing is for sure we know there will be a very proud Pappou Harry!

Sending a very BIG congratulations to Tash and Brad, from The Block Shop team, enjoy those newborn snuggles.

Tash and Brad Baby The Block ShopTash and Brad welcome baby boy Archie pic via @instagram @harryandtash

Jesse and Mel

Jesse and Mel have announced the safe arrival of their first baby on Instagram.

"Khloe Raeburn, Born 19th May 2022 at 12:01pm. We are so filled with love and joy"

After joining the Block family in 2018 as agent and auctioneer for Gatwick contestants Courtney and Hans, Jesse returned with Mel to be contestants at The Oslo in 2019, then the pair were back again in 2020 as all-stars to help Sarah and George, with Jesse once again also acting as agent.

And for 2021, Jesse came back again as Melbourne couple Tanya and Vito’s agent and auctioneer, closing the sale at a huge $3,800,000.01 to entrepreneur Danny Wallis after an epic auction to secure the couple a profit of $400,000.01.

The Block Shop and Insider Style wish this amazing couple all the best as they settle into parenthood, if their Block work ethic and determination is anything to go by they are going to absolutely nail it!!


Jesse and Mel The Block BabyThe Blocks Jesse and Mel welcome a beautiful baby girl, Khloe. Picture from Instagram @jesseandmelblock 

Luke and Olivia

Luke Packham has taken to instagram to announce the safe arrival of baby girl, Mia Packham. 

"1 week with our gorgeous little girl. Our hearts are so full with you in this world. I never could have imagined you being so perfect, We love you so very much!" Luke shared.

Sharing some cute pics with fiancee Olivia, the trio look like they are settling into family life nicely. The Block Shop and Insider Style sends a huge congratulations, enjoy the new role Mum and Dad, oh and Uncle Josh!!


Luke Packham The Block BabyWelcome to baby Mia, Luke Packham and Fiancee Olivia show off there gorgeous little girl on Instagram @luke.packham 

Sarah and George 

Block Favourites, Sarah and George, have welcomed a precious baby boy into the world.

The couple took to instagram to make the announcement, with some picture perfect snaps by @littleimagery.

Leonardo Bragias

"Leo, you have filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty. You are the greatest and most amazing thing that has ever happened to us. Although our eyes are heavy and our brains are foggy, we love you so incredibly much.

Leo was born on the 6th February at 9:20pm. He arrived naturally two weeks earlier than expected. He was ready to meet us.

We’re doing well, but we’re still finding our feet and navigating this crazy new world together. He’s a cheeky little boy already, he definitely takes after Daddy.

We’re feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful to call him our son!"

We here at The Block Shop and Insider Style send the biggest congratulations to this fabulous little family.

Sarah and George The Block Shop BabySarah and George withe precious baby Leo, Sarah says, "He’s a cheeky little boy already, he definitely takes after Daddy." Image: @littleimagery, @sarahandgeorgeblock 


Josh and Elyse 

Josh and Elyse are set to celebrate there baby boy, Sunny's First Birthday! The Block Shop hopes you have an amazing time together celebrating the first year as parents, because that deserves cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Sunny.

Josh and ElyseElyse has shared the most adorable pics of their Byron Baby, Sunny, in the lead up to his first birthday on her instagram @elyse.knowles 


Bianca and Mark 

Bianca Chatfield, Aussie diamonds netballer and one half of the incredible Block duo Bianca and Carla from The Gatwick 2018 series, has officially welcomed her baby girl with partner Mark.

Taking to Instagram to share the news of her gorgeous one week old.

"Bursting with love for our little girl. One week old today, meet Kyah Ziggi Scrivens"

On behalf of Insider Style and The Block Shop we send a huge Congratulations to Bianca and Mark, Kyah is absolute perfection.


Bianca Chatfield Block Baby(Picture Instagram @biancachatfield)



Tash and Brad

Tash announced on Instagram that she and partner Brad were expecting there first child.

"2022 you may actually be my favourite year ❤️ Because this year we welcome our new little family member and we couldn’t be more excited to add to our big crazy clan." Tash announced to fans on Instagram.

Tash shared pictures below on the Harry And Tash Instagram page. I think we can all agree Tash and her little family are absolutely bursting with happiness. Insider Style and The Block Shop sends the biggest congratulations to Tash and Brad, and Harry and Andrea of course, we cannot wait to meet this little bundle of joy in 2022.


Tash and Brad baby news(picture Instagram @harryandtash)


Jesse and Mel

Jesse and Mel are looking forward to their next project - a baby due in May 2022. They share all the excitement and news with The Block Shop HERE

Jesse and Mel pregnancy announcement

Luke and Olivia

Luke has announced on Instagram that he is expecting a baby girl due in March 2022 with his fiancée Olivia. "I cannot wait for this new chapter in my life and what fatherhood will bring," Luke posted to his fans. Twin brother Josh has also expressed his excitement sharing the news. Congratulations guys!

Josh Packham baby news- The Block(Picture Instagram: @luke.packham) 

Bianca and Mark

Bianca along with Beau MAFS star Mark Scrivens have announced their pregnancy. "We are excited and maybe just a little nervous for all the new adventures 2022 will bring," Bianca shared on her Instagram. Carla has also expressed her excitement for her Block besties baby news. Stay tuned for the arrival in early 2022.

Bianca Chatfield baby - The Block
(Picture Instagram: @biancachatfield) 

Sarah and George

Sarah and George have announced their pregnancy in August 2021 and they are expecting a baby boy  - we are so excited to welcome this bub to The Block family.
Watch this space!

Sarah and George from The Block are having a baby
Sarah and George, Block 2020 who took out Second Place share their very exciting baby news with The Block Shop.

 Sarah and George from The Block are having a baby

Tess and Luke 

Tess and Luke Struber welcome a baby girl "Cleo Sophia Struber," posted on Instagram born on the 21st of April 2021. Named after her great grandmother, Cleopha.

Tess and Luke baby
(Picture Instagram: @tessandluke) 

Mark and Terri

Sticks aka, Mark Croker along with his wife Terri welcomed their third child, a daughter named Keeli Nix Croker. Sticks announced the new arrival to his Instagram page on March 16th 2021. Congratulations to you both!

Sticks new Block baby
(Picture Instagram: @sticksphotography)

Josh and Elyse 

Josh and Elyse announced in 2020 that they are expecting "And then there were 3 #babybarker," the 27-year-old wrote alongside a photo of the couple, on a trip to the Northern Territory. Now fast forward to February 2021 they have welcomed their first little bundle together a baby boy. Elyse and Josh captioned the Instagram photo "the next chapter in our lives. The best chapter yet. And it's called Sunny." Congratulations Josh and Elyse x

Josh and Elyse Block baby
(Picture Instagram: @joshandelyse)

 Josh and Elyse baby (Picture Instagram: Photographer @nics_mindset  @joshandelyse)


Josh & Jenna

Josh and Jenna welcomed their second daughter Story in 2019. Her and older sister Freddie already look like the best of friends! Cuute!! 

Josh and Jenna kids

Josh and Jenna
Photos courtesy @joshandjenna Instagram page.

Maxine and Karstan 

Maxine and Karstan from The Block Glasshouse season have welcomed a beautiful little girl Zuri in October 2019. The family of three are enjoying life hanging out in their combi van and swimming in the ocean.

Maxine and Karstan

Maxine and Karstan
Photo courtesy of  @karstanandmaxine Instagram page.


Chris and Jenna 

Chris and Jenna welcomed precious baby girl Holly in March 2020. Little sister to their 4-year-old son Leezak! So sweet!!

Chris and Jenna

Chris and Jenna
Photo Courtesy of @chrisandjenna Instagram.


Karlie and Will

Welcome to the world Indigo Jade Kara Bethune. Born on the 1/08/20 what a gorgeous bundle! Congratulations guys x

Karlie and Will
Photo courtesy of @karlieandwill Instagram page.

Karlie and Will baby
Photo courtesy of @karlieandwill Instagram page.

Bec and George 

Bec and George (The Block Sky High 2013) have welcomed their 3rd Baby. Bec and George already have two boys Archie and Lenny. In September 2020, they had a baby girl named 'Rosetta Dafni'. Rosetta is Bec's mum's name and Dafni is George's mum name. YAY, we know Bec will love shopping for her daughter!

Bec and George three kids

Bec and George Block babies
Images sourced from @becandgeorge Instagram page. 

Dan and Dani

OK, OK, we know, they’re not HUMAN babies - but will you just look at Dan and Dani’s (The Block 2012 and The Block All Stars 2013) cute little fur children, Olive and Hazel. Divine!

Dan and Dani dogs
Images sourced from @dani_wales Instagram page. 

Brad & Lara

Born 8lb, 14 ounces on August 31st 2018, we think he’s the spitting image of dad, Brad. Jimmy joins little Harry, now two, as the fourth member of the Cranfield family. Lara paid a sweet tribute to her beautiful family on Father’s day, writing, “Happy Fathers Day @bradcranfield. Harry and Jimmy are the luckiest boys to have you as their Dad. We love you very very much.”
All together now...awwwww.

 These gorgeous boys couldn’t have picked two lovelier parents. Brad Cranfield
(Picture: Instagram: @bradandlara_theblock)

Hans and Courtney

Welcome to the world darling Ava! "One week with our sweet Ava," the couple announced on their Instagram account on the 17th October 2020. So Sweet!

Courtney and Hans baby Ava
Photo courtesy of @courtneyandhans Instagram.

Courtney and Hans baby girl

Thanks to Courtney for sharing this beautiful image with The Block Shop.

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