Check it out! Elyse trains with The Bachelor’s Sam Woods!

They’ve both appeared on hit reality series - and they’re both fit as fiddles. Yep, you could say Elyse Knowles and Sam Wood have plenty in common, not least of which is their desire to stay fit and healthy.

No wonder they make such great training partners!

“Sam trains me, so I go [to his gym] two to three times a week. It’s a good stress relief,” says Elyse.

“I go there and do some boxing, or I work out. It’s great, because Sam knows what I’m going through, as he’s gone through the whole ‘reality television’ thing as well.

“He knows I can only be there for a short amount of time, and that we have to pump it out in a good thirty minutes.”

Elyse admits that early on in her Block journey, exercise fell by the wayside, as she struggled to keep up with the workload.

But a bout of the flu was enough to persuade her that she needed to head back to the gym. And Sam was there to give her the kick in the pants she needed.

“I do 28 minutes of training. It’s hard-core, non-stop, high intensity - lots of weights as well, so you’re activating all your muscles, as well as getting a high heart rate,” Elyse explains.

And by all accounts, she’s been a star pupil.

/media/blog/elysesam2.jpgElyse & Sam working out The Block 2017Elyse & Sam working up a sweat!I really feel it the next day as well, when I’m climbing ladders, and carting concrete and wheelbarrows. You cut some kgs on The Block!

“Excited to be putting this legend @elyseknowlzy through her paces on @theblock tonight,” Sam posted to his 260,000 Instagram fans on Monday night. “Knowlezy uses my 28 program to stay in shape and it was great to keep her sane and strong training together at my studio @thewoodshed_ while she filmed the show (when she got 5 seconds).”

Elyse said she felt every 28 minutes of her work-out with Sam - but always left feeling re-energised, and ready for the days ahead.

“When I walk out of there, I am really feeling it,” she says. “And I really feel it the next day as well, when I’m climbing ladders, and carting concrete and wheelbarrows. You cut some kgs on The Block!”

So how much, exactly, does the super-trim renovator think she’s lost?

“I’ve gone up and down. Definitely, at the start, the amount of stress you go through, you lose a bit of weight,” she says. “So it’s just keeping on top of that - you don’t want to lose too much. It’s  more that you just want to keep healthy.”

Elyse also takes care to eat healthily. Luckily, she had her Mum just round the corner, cooking up healthy soups and meals for her and boyfriend Josh.

She’d drop them around - and bring the couple’s gorgeous dog Isla along for a visit.

Aww - nice one, Mum!


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