Carlene: ‘It’s been good for our bank balance!’

This week, Carlene and Michael made it three-in-a-row, presenting a living and dining area that blew the judges away. Another win means they are in an enviable position as we near the pointy end of The Block: Glasshouse.

There’s been the boost to morale, for one, but also, the obvious…

“It’s been good for our bank balance!” Carlene tells us with a laugh.

While three consecutive wins may have done wonders for their budget, it doesn’t mean they’re not feeling the pinch of depleting funds that plague all of our couples near the end of The Block.

“We still feel the budget constraints,” Carlene adds. “We probably spent more on our living room than the others, so the win basically replenished our funds.”

Their big-ticket item this week was the custom shelving they had made especially for the space, which Carlene admits is her favourite feature of the room.

“It’s the big hit, but honestly, all the bits work really well together to create a warm, welcoming space,” she says.

“There’s a lot of textures and a lot to look at without it being overwhelming.”

That means there’s a lot to love in their living and dining area – and love it the judges did! In fact, it was so comfortable, they were reluctant to leave!

When they entered the room, the Enzo Coffee Table immediately caught their eyes. And then there was the accompanying chair, which they thought was “very sexy” and suited the space perfectly.

As always, Carlene’s lighting selection scored her big points, and if you were nodding along at home, her choice of pendant light is currently available here at The Block Shop.

“We’re getting validation for our hard work,” Carlene says. “We feel like our style is being appreciated more, and our downstairs is turning out even better than we could have ever anticipated.”

As the Auction draws nearer, Carlene and Michael feel the downstairs will be the real seller for their apartment, but winning isn’t all that matters to them.

“Whether we win the Auction or not, we’re really proud of our work,” Carlene says.

And how could she not be? Three wins in a row is a spectacular achievement on The Block, especially when the competition has been this fierce. If our Blockheads impressed you this week, be sure to browse our new living and dining room selections and add a little bit of Block to your home today.