Carleen: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled to have a win!’

What a comeback! Dan and Carleen have gone from Chumps to Champions, proving this series is still anyone’s game.

“We were pretty devastated after judging last week,” Carleen tells The Block Shop.

“We took a hammering, but we knew we just had to keep moving on.”

They set themselves three goals: they wanted to make sure this new bathroom fit in with the rest of their apartment, they wanted to be mindful of their Art Deco references, and they wanted to pull their styling back a bit.

And they succeeded on all three fronts.

“We made it classically simple and stylish,” she says.

The judges agreed. The pair delivered on the promise of their unfinished first-week ensuite, with a New Traditional bathroom that has a great sense of period, but that still feels modern. The judges loved everything, from the fixtures to the towels.

And it’s a big relief for Dan and Carleen.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have a win and finally feel good,” Carleen says. “It’s picked our confidence up.”

While Carleen singled out their marvellous stone bathtub as her favourite aspect of the room, it was their new, pared-back styling that impressed the judges most. And with half a point between them and Julia and Sasha, it might have been the scented candles and soaps that put them over the line!

Dan and Carleen have put in the hard yards this week, and it’s great to see them be rewarded. But Carleen’s concerned Dan might be working a little too hard.

“I’ve had to tell him to pull back, he’s 56,” Carleen admits. “There’s a builder and labourers, he needs to delegate a bit more.”

The budget is a big worry, and that’s inspired Dan to take on a lot of the work himself, perhaps too much of it.

“Yes, we’re saving on labour, but at the same time, it’s a long journey. You don’t wanna fall down the gurgler straight away. We’ve got a long way to go. So I’ve told him to pace himself and pull back a little bit.”

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