Can anyone beat Dave Franklin?

He’s the undisputed outdoor king, having won every space he’s worked on on The Block. So no wonder everyone's clambering to get Dave Franklin onboard to finesse their terraces. The eventual winners? Bianca and Carla - and boy were they pleased.

 Dave Franklin and Bianca. "We are pretty excited we got Dave" admits Bianca pictured here with the man of the moment Mr Franklin.

“We have been waiting for outdoor week,” Bianca admits. “We are pretty excited we got Dave Franklin - we know everyone else wanted him as well.”
She’s right - both Spence and Jess both pitched to his company, but in the end it was the lure of working with those beautiful city views that lured him to the girls’ apartment. But Jess isn’t giving up quite yet: “We see it like this fight, like David and Goliath,” says the Queenslander, who has employed Paal Grant to design their terrace. “We have one of the biggest fights of our life,” she admits. “And the worst part about it is I’ve already told Dave Franklin that we’re going to beat him!”
With 71 square metres, the girls' terrace is the second biggest on The Block, behind Norm and Jess’ - but their designer isn’t giving up without a fight, and has some stunning additions planned.
In the meantime, let’s take a look back at some of Dave’s winning spaces - look away now, Jess! There are some beauties...

 Madi and Jarrod Courtyard 2013  Dave was ahead of the cactus trend with Madi & Jarod's courtyard from The Block Sky High in 2013.
 Josh and Elyse Back yard 2017 The inground pool, the custom-made concrete bench, the upholstered custom seating area, the grass - there wasn’t a single part of Josh and Elyse’s sumptuous outdoor space that didn’t leave the judges breathless with excitement.
 Josh and Elyse The Block backyard with pool A winter celebratory swim Josh? They did it! What an achievement getting that finished in a week...
 Dea and Darren Block Triple Threat Dea and Darren from The Block Triple Threat in 2015 enlisted Dave Franklin “We made other sacrifices throughout just so we’d have enough money to make it amazing, and we’re thrilled that the judges loved it and gave us three 10s. We finished with a bang!”
 Dea and Darren internal courtyard Dave scored a winning result for Dea and Darren with their internal courtyard garden at The Glasshouse in 2014.
 Brad and Dale Roof Top Terrace Fav v's Faves 2014 The judge’s felt a ‘beautiful vibe’ from Brad and Dale's terrace from Fans v's Faves in 2014.
 Franklin Landscape Shelley Craft Byron Bay Home Okay so technically not some of Dave's Block work but how could we not include this transformation of our very our @shelleycraftoffical incredible Palm Springs meet Byron Bay home (Picture: Instagram @franklin_ld)
 The Block rooftop 2016 by Dave Franklin The amazing common area on the rooftop from The Block 2016 was created by Dave Franklin of Franklin Landscape & Design.
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