Buying art for your home - where to begin?

/media/blog/Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_10.39.07_pm.pngWe chat to Style Insider - and resident art expert - Silvana Tagand to get the lowdownStyle Insider and resident art expert Silvana Tagand

Want to buy a piece of artwork for your house but have no idea where to start? We chat to Style Insider - and resident art expert - Silvana Tagand to get the lowdown.

1. Work out your budget

That will really determine things. You don’t want to be like me, and fall in love with a Bill Henson (a Sydney photographer, whose art sells for tens of thousands), and then, fifteen years later - you’re still saving for it!

2. Visit independent galleries and do your research

The next step is to visit independent galleries and do you research. There’s a gallery here in Sydney, The Olsen (representing high-end artists) which has an extension to the main gallery called Olsen Annexe. The Annexe has fine works on paper that you can pick up for $1500. It’s about going into the right place for your budget. Whilst discovering galleries, be sure to make friends with the gallerist. They often have amazing work in their stock room!

/media/blog/Olsen_Monkey_2_thumbnail.jpgJohn Olsen ArtworkA favourite John Olsen print of mine!

3. Don’t be shy of art fairs

I love them. I think it’s a great experience, because you often get to meet the artist. I think some of the art fairs can be a bit hit and miss, but they are also a great place to discover emerging artists - and discover them before they get representation. Everything is about telling that story - and one of the things I love about an art fair is that you get to connect to the artist, and they get to share a bit about their work, which gives you this other perspective. I also love going to the National Art School (in Sydney) – notable alumni include John Olsen, Max Dupain and Ken Done. Some of the work coming out of the NAS is incredible.

4. You can buy for a collection...or just for the love of it!

“It doesn’t matter if it’s ten dollars or ten thousand - if you are buying for the love of art, it’s for the love of art - regardless. If you are not buying to collect - what does it matter? But just remember - sometimes, if you’re lucky it can be both.

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