Bright Artworks to warm up your winter Space

It might be cold outside, but that doesn't have to mean it has to be grey and drab on your walls! Add some pops of colour to your home over the chilly winter months with these vibrant works of art.

 Tickle My Earlobe, Limited Edition Unframed Print  by JESSIE BREAKWELL from The Block Shop A beautiful limited edition print of 'Tickle my Earlobe' by Jessie Breakwell.
 The Potato Farmer, Original Framed Artwork by Jessie Breakwell available from The Block Shop. 'The Potato Farmer' is an original piece by Jessie Breakwell. The contemporary colour and detail and the naive style make this a fun and energetic piece for all ages.
 Oriana, Framed, Acrylic Abstract Painting by Susie Monte from The Block Shop 'Oriana' is a vibrant abstract painting by Susie Monte that is striking to behold and has cubist elements. It has a warmth to it due to the combination of pink, orange and bronze shapes and is balanced out with the addition of blue shapes.
 Miss Pinky by Amanda Parsons, Limited Edition Print, Framed from The Block Shop. 'Miss Pinky' New stunning Protea artwork by Amanda Parsons.
 Confetti Rain | 2A0 Limited Edition | Unstretched Canvas Print  TANIA BLANCHARD CREATIVE from The Block Shop 'Confetti Rain' by Tania Blanchard is so colourful! An array of dusty pinks, blues, greys and greens are all falling from the sky like confetti rain. Pictured here in Ronnie & Georgia's studio in the Block 2017.
 Little Hills in Blue, Limited Edition Unframed Print by Antoinette Ferwerda from The Block Shop 'Little Hills in Blue' is the signature artwork by Antoinette Ferwerda.
 Pond in Kyoto, Original Watercolour Artwork  by Martin Stauce from The Block Shop This pretty original watercolour 'Pond in Kyoto' by Martin Stauce will add a touch of warmth and a sense of calm to your space.
 Summertime Dayz, Original Canvas Artwork by MELISSA LA BOZZETTA ART from The Block Shop. 'Summertime Dayz' by Melissa La Bozzetta Art.

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