Bianca and Carla are back at The Block!

The 2018 Block contestants are lending a hand at this week’s Challenge!

Bianca and Carla The Block 2019

They’re the undisputed Challenge Chumps, never having won one the ENTIRE time they were on the show last year. But Gatwick contestants Bianca and Carla - both ex-professional netballers - are never ones to shy away from a challenge. They’ve returned this week to see if they can snatch back a victory, teaming up with two of this year’s current teams for the Million Dollar Styling Challenge this week.
The besties from Melbourne, who walked away with a cool $301,000 at auction last year thanks to their amazing Penthouse apartment, have been keeping busy since the show wrapped.

Bianca and Carla The Block 2019
Bianca and Carla mixed emotions on the auction couch where they walked away with a cool $301,000.

Carla still does a number of public appearances and has returned to her job in Sports Management. Meanwhile, Bianca has ramped up her broadcasting responsibilities - she’s been commentating netball, appears on House of Wellness and is also the host of Nine’s show, Women’s Footy. Oh, and she’s also rumoured to be dating MAFS star Mark Scrivens, who was famously paired with Ning on this year’s show! Go girl!

Bianca and MAFS star Mark Scrivens
Lady in red, Bianca with MAFS star Mark Scrivens (picture: Instagram @thisismarkscrivens)

Bianca and Carla Block open for inspections 2018
We are loving you girls back on our screens - let's hope they can win the challenge!

Take a look through Bianca and Carla's Gatwick penthouse HERE

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