Ben & Andy spill the beans on how much reno experience they really have...

What brings you to The Block?

Andy: “We’ve tried to get on for four years.”

Ben: “After the first year when we got knocked back we thought, ‘hang on a minute we’re actually nice guys, come on give us a chance’, so we just kept going and going and going.”

Andy: “Four years later, here we are.”

Ben: “Finally they said ‘yeah not too bad, let’s chuck them on’.”

Have you guys renovated before?

 Andy: “Nope, never had any. Oh I was a chippy for two days and Benny was a labourer for a day and a half.”

Ben: “Yeah.”

Andy: “It all got a bit hard so we threw in the tools and decided to become teachers.”

Ben: “It was middle of winter so it was cold and we just didn’t want to do it.”

Andy: “Early mornings.”

Ben: “The Block won’t be like that though.”

Andy: “Nah.”

What is your design style?

Andy: “We didn’t think we were going to get on this year, we thought we’d have another year to sort out our design style. So last night we were flicking through Pinterest and thought Scandinavian looked good so we’re going with that.”

Have you done anything to prepare for The Block?

Andy: “We have done no research going into this, when we say we are going in with nothing, we’ve pinned four photos on Pinterest of Scandinavian – that’s it.”

Ben: “We actually have done nothing, we have no idea what we’re doing, we can’t stress that enough, we have no idea.”

What’s a day in your lives like?

Andy: “I’ll try and get up at about four o’clock in the morning, try and get to the gym with old mate over here.”

Ben: “Strike rate of getting me at the gym is 25%.”

Andy: “So we try and smash an early gym session, go home have a shower, smash some oats, cruise around to Ben’s place, then we head to our local café and then to school.”

Ben: “Coffee and a croissant.”

Andy: “Then cruise home, have some dinner, mark some work – it’s nothing too exciting.”

Do you have any secret weapons up your sleeve to wow the Judges?

Andy: “We’ve got nothing.”

Ben: “We think it’s just going to happen for us.”

Andy: “Things usually just fall into place for us.”

Ben: “They sort themselves out.”

Pick one word to sum up each other’s personalities

Andy: “Benny is competitive.”

Ben: “Andy is exuberant.”

Andy: “Good word choice!”

What’s one item that you couldn’t live without?

Andy: “I couldn’t live without food, I love food.”

Ben: “The phone, you underestimate how much you use it.”

Andy: “I wouldn’t be able to live without a shower, showers are nice.”

Who is the boss out of the two of you?

Andy: “Benny is definitely the boss and I can say that with ease because he’s probably the more level-headed person.”

Ben: “Let’s face it, the reason I’m the boss is because Andy doesn’t want the responsibility.”

What scares you?

Andy: “Petrol trucks at petrol stations. Hate them.”

Ben: “He thinks they’re going to blow up.”

Andy: “And people using phones at petrol stations!”

What was the last emoji that you used?

Ben: “The ‘okay’.”

Andy: “Mine was thumbs up.”

What gets on your nerves?

Ben: “When you’re driving and you give way and they don’t say thank you.”

Andy: “That’s the worst.”

Ben: “Even the one finger point would suffice.”

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