Bathroom Reveal - Let's Go Shopping!

1. Dee and Darren's Pendant Light

2. Shannon and Simon's Side Table

3. Go shopping with Max and Karstan

1. Max and Karstan's Salta Pendant

2. Luxurious Towels

3. Go shopping with Chris and Jenna

1. Chris and Jenna's Pendant Light

2. Carlene and Michael's Stoneware

3. Dee and Darren's Black Frame Mirror 

1. Let's go shopping with Michael and Carlene

2. Michael and Carlene's Pendant Lights

3. Let's go shopping with Simon and Shannon 

1. Let's go shopping with Darren and Dee

2. Pixel Towels

3. Copper Baskets

1. Soy Candle

2. Planet Luxe Hand Wash

3. Vintage Storage Baskets