Artist Spotlight: Sharon Rynehart



Sharon Rynehart is an expressive palette knife artist based in Canberra.  Influences emerge from her love of all things sea land and sky. We get the chance to talk all things art and life here with Sharon.


Sharon Rynehart art is truely stunning, we are thrilled to have the pieces available at The Block Shop.


Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m an ex-Interior Designer turned Artist a few years ago - being an Artist was never intended, it just happened! But foremost I’m a mum to 3 young adult kids, and married to my childhood sweetheart. I was born and raised in country NSW but now live in Canberra, close to the coast and not too far from my hometown of Wagga Wagga


How long have you been producing your art?

I had been painting on and off since school just for myself, but only ‘fell into it’ as a business in 2019 after some significant health issues meant I had to give up my Interior Design career. My physio encouraged me to pick up a paint brush again as a form of therapy and it all just snowballed from there. I’ve been very blessed.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere around me. The sea, land and sky. I sky gaze daily and live near a reserve with mountain ranges on the outskirts of Canberra so the sunsets are amazing! We’re just over an hour’s drive to the coast so my biggest inspiration and what I’m most passionate about is the beautiful rugged beaches and coastlines.


How would you describe your art?

It really is just an expressive extension of me. My art is a consequence of what I feel, my faith, my memories, and the emotions that flow from the heart as I paint. I really adore the word ‘heartwork’ (apart from the slight reference to my surname!) I think this word captures what I do perfectly.

My favourite tools are my palette knives and with them I paint unique pieces that allow the viewer to become immersed in their own story; to finish the train of thought, to feel the emotion, to remember that special moment it takes them back to. Each artwork is deeply personal when I’m creating it - I’m capturing light and painting hope for me firstly; the bonus is it resonates with others, encouraging them and inspiring them, helping them see light and find hope again too.

My favourite tools are my palette knives and with them I paint unique pieces that allow the viewer to become immersed in their own story; to finish the train of thought, to feel the emotion, to remember that special moment it takes them back to. Each artwork is deeply personal when I’m creating it. Says Sharon. Shop the full range of art here.


What does it mean for you to have your art featured on The Block and be a Block Shop artist?

Oh my gosh - it’s crazy. I have watched The Block since the early years and to have this opportunity to have my work in The Block Shop is just so surreal. I’m still pinching myself.

Favourite Block couple?

Too soon for this year but in the past it’s been Ronnie and Georgia. I love their style and what they bring to the series - not afraid of hard work, to call things as they see it, but they have fun and deliver stunning rooms I just adore.

Are there any particular artists that inspire you?

There’s a few! I grew up admiring Monet for his impressionistic brushwork, he’s the first Artist I studied as a kid in school, and then as I grew older I adored the work of Ken Done for his amazing use of colour.

More recently though I just adore the work of Richard Claremont and Katie Wyatt - both expressive artists who have adapted unique and different styles through use of loose brushstrokes and colour harmonies (Richard), and heavily textured palette knife strokes (Katie).

Where do you like to create your art?

I have a home studio which gets the most beautiful natural light. It was a formal lounge room at the front of our house which I converted to a studio space when the dining table I started on got too small!

Sharon started off painting her dining room table and has now tranformed the front room of the house to a studio space to create.


Do you have a playlist / podcast you like to create to?

I have several playlists depending on the mood I’m in and what I’m painting. Anything from the 80’s (love my 80’s music!) to Modern Country to Pop to Christian worship music...and some days I just prefer the quiet. Nothing at all except for the birds chirping outside.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I do the school drop off, head to the gym 3 days a week, or go for a walk, then back home to paint for a few hours before school pick up in the afternoon. After that I do admin, stock ordering, replying to emails/ messages, packaging any sold artworks etc. In amongst family meals and housework and doing the accounts for my hubby’s business... the day is quickly gone!

How do you fit your art around life/kids?/work- Any tips?

Family always comes first. My son has Autism, and my 2 older girls have various health issues so they are always my priority. In amongst the typical day/week there are always various appointments to attend or things to respond to.

The painting has become the one thing that’s mine though - my space to shut out the issues and challenges of the day to day, and get lost in another world...even if just for a little while. If the kids are home when I’m painting they know not to come into the studio, unless it’s an emergency!

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere there’s a beach! I love the Coolangatta to Kingscliff area in far north NSW, and I’ve been fortunate to travel overseas a few times.

I guess the Isle of Capri would top my list, the Blue Grotto and Ana Capri views were just breathtaking! St Tropez, Monte Carlo and Barcelona all hold really special memories, but really, Australian beaches are far more beautiful than most of the overseas beaches I’ve ever been to.

The South Coast of NSW is where we holiday the most because it’s so close.

Hardest person to buy a gift for?

My hubby - he’s hopeless. He just goes and buys whatever he wants so by the time special occasions come around he doesn’t want or need anything! My kids and he would say I’m the hardest to buy for though!!

What would you buy yourself from The Block Shop?

My family joke I have way too many cushions than any ‘normal’ person, so beautiful cushions are always a must buy. I also love floor rugs - so many beautiful rugs to choose from.

Favourite house decorating trend?

I love a fusion of Mediterranean and Hamptons styles but with a modern twist. Think pops of colour against fresh neutral bases, and warm timbers mixed with provincial white timbers. Clean and fresh base palettes brought to life with beautiful art, soft furnishings and decor.

Recently we had a content creation day at The Block Shop and we needed a versatile artpiece to mix and match multiple looks, 'Uninhibited' by Sharon Rynehart art was a no brainer for us, check out below for all of the looks we could create!


Most decadent thing in your house?

Ha. Apart from the Lindt dark chocolate I have to have a piece of every would have to be the new custom made leather lounge suite we’ve just bought. You can smell the beautiful leather when you walk into the room and it’s so comfy - you just sink into it - I’m loving it.

Oldest and/or daggiest thing you have in your house that should be thrown out but you just can’t bring yourself to?

An old chair in my studio. It was the first leather armchair my hubby and I bought years ago when we were married. It’s a horrible dark chocolate brown recliner and now sits in a corner of my studio, splattered in paint!

But it’s still the most comfiest chair to sit in. It’s my ‘perspective’ chair to curl up in when I’m having a coffee break and reflect on what I’m currently in the middle of painting.

Favourite room in the house?

Master Bedroom. It’s a tranquil, quiet, luxurious space


If you could renovate one room in your house which would it be?

At the moment, our ensuite! It’s nearly 15 years old now and needs a refresh.

Have you built your own house?

Yes. My very first home. My dad was a Building Designer (which is how I initially got into Interior Design) so he designed my first home, and I chose all the fit out; furnishings, finishes and fixtures. It was a very special home and still holds the most precious memories. Since then hubby and I have bought existing homes and made them our own.

Favourite decor item in the house?

Art of course! It makes any room. It’s the starting piece to build a room around, or the ‘full stop' to complete a room and bring all the colours and styles together.

The simplicity and serene views of Sharon's art make it a perfect lifetime investment art, it literally goes with everything as we soon discouvered.


Favourite artwork you own?

My dad passed away unexpectedly last year and in the midst of grief a big Katie Wyatt original piece called out to me that I just had to have.

It reminds me of a favourite holiday spot as a kid - vivid memories of my dad’s boat, the ocean peeking through trees, and way too many memories of being dunked in wild surf on the South Coast!

It hangs in our bedroom so it’s the first piece I see waking up each day and the last thing I see going to bed each night. I adore it. It’s also called “Layne” which is the name I had wanted to call our eldest daughter - but hubby never liked it, so now I joke I finally got my “Layne”!

Most treasured possession (other than kids or partner!)

My dad had a beautiful men’s sapphire and diamond ring that when he died I had transformed into a ring I could wear. It’s so precious. The sapphire is the colour of the sea and the diamonds like the light that bounces off the ocean surface...whenever I wear it I get a bit teary and think of him.

Know anyone else who hasn’t been featured on The Block but should be?

Ha...can I say me!? I missed out this year but maybe in the future a couple will choose my work. Regardless I’m so grateful for this opportunity to have my work in The Block Shop.


Sharon draws inspiration from her travels but says there is no place like the South Coast of NSW for incredible beachscapes to draw inspiration from.


A perfect Sunday afternoon would be....

Quietly painting in the studio with rain falling outside and soft music playing...and hubby bringing me a coffee.

Anything that you are loving at the moment that you would like to share with us?

The promise of Spring coming. Days are getting longer and milder and I love Spring and the approach to Summer...means warmer days to spend at the coast! 


"I’m capturing light and painting hope for me firstly; the bonus is it resonates with others, encouraging them and inspiring them, helping them see light and find hope again too."


Thank you so much to the incredibly lovely Sharon Rynehart for speaking with us, we just love everything about Sharon's work and can't wait to see more from this uber talented lady!

Please do chck out Sharon's art over at The Block Shop.