Artist Spotlight: Laura Holland

We speak with Rural Australian artist Laura Holland and show you her amazing artworks.


Laura Holland Art The Block ShopLaura uses her art to raise much needed funds for Dementia Australia, having recently raised $15,000 at auction for her artwork.


Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hi, I'm Laura .. my married name is Dunkley, but I had been painting and marketing myself long before I got married, so I kept my maiden name, thus why I paint as Laura Holland. I was born and live in Dubbo, Central West NSW and am a true local! I own a local art Gallery called Creative Fusion where we promote over 50 local artists and makers from regional NSW.

I'm a wife to my husband Kyle & mummy to my beautiful little girl Logan who is 3 and addicted to painting already! I’m an only child, so no siblings, and sadly lost my Dad to Alzheimer's disease last year, so I work hard at fundraising and promoting awareness of this horrible disease when I can.

My mum and I run an open garden and art exhibition each year to purely raise money for Dementia Australia and I was a guest speaker and painted live at their massive fundraiser in Sydney.


How long have you been producing your art? 

I began painting when I was 10, so that will be 23 years this year!


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Anything flora or fauna - I don’t mind the odd still life or landscape, but anything flowers or birds will usually grab (and hold) my attention!


How would you describe your art?

Bold, fun & happy! I love a good splash of colour, but also get a kick out of accurately translating the subject - it may vary from realistic to painterly, but always accurate to shape or composition of what I’m referring to!


Laura Holland Art The Block ShopBlossoms on Linen Plum is a part of Laura's 2022 Art Collection available online here.


Are there any particular artists that inspire you?

When I was young I learned from Peter Mortimore, who is a very skilled traditional artist, so his foundations have always stuck with me!

Another incredible artist I brainstorm with on occasion is Brisbane based artist De Gillett - bold with colour and an absolute hoot!!!

There’s another young artist I follow on social media who I haven’t met yet, but would love too, and that is Tahlia Stanton - I love her work!


Where do you like to create your art? 

I’m lucky enough to have a fabulous art studio in my yard behind my house - it's absolutely chaotic in there and bursting with canvases, paints and every brush you can imagine - but its my space and I can shut the door when i’m finished and come back to everything exactly where I left it! PERFECTION!


Do you have a playlist / podcast you like to create to?

Anything Country!!! Or mindset podcasts! FUN FACT Did you know when you are singing the lyrics of a song, it disengages the part of your brain that gets too hung up on perfectionism … the perfect trick to just go with the painting and see where it takes you!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day starts with the Gym at 5am! Win the Morning, Win the day - and then a work day for me starts with the daycare drop-off and then the day spent in my art Gallery in our CBD, but studio days are literally throwing my hair in a bun, turning on the music and just getting started!

I do try to take photos and film videos for social media content when I remember though!


How do you fit your art around life/kids?/work- Any tips?

It can be a juggling act… but for me, I have at least 1 full day each week that is dedicated studio time - and then I might manage to sneak in a couple of evenings and a Sunday afternoon here and there.

Making time for fun is important though - you can’t pour from an empty cup, so doing things that inspire and invigorate your soul and creativity are really important.


Laura Holland Art The Block ShopBlossoms on Linen Pink, by Laura Holland Art has the most amazing detail in the florals.


Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with a Beach!

There’s something for me about walking by the water every morning that makes me so happy! Port Douglas was amazing when we were there a few years back! Las Vegas and Fiji are our 2 destinations this year! WOO


Hardest person to buy a gift for?

My Husband! He’s just as prolific with online shopping as I am, so every time I think I know what I'll get him for a gift, next minute it turns up on the doorstep!


What would you buy yourself from The Block Shop?

I love love Love the Karma Timber Bench!

Karma Timber Bench The Block ShopLaura's favourite Block Shop piece is the Karma Timber Bench by Gypsy Laine Living.


Favourite house decorating trend?

Not really a trend, but I just fill my house with pieces I love - and I collect artworks that either speak to me or I have a connection with the artist!


Most decadent thing in your house?

I spend more on Art than I do on Furniture! - my most recent purchase was a Ken Tucker piece for my foyer.

I also purchased a Peloton in lockdown to stay fit! One of the most expensive exercise bikes on the market, but it's pretty cool!


Favourite room in the house?

The dining room - I love cooking for all the family


If you could renovate one room in your house which would it be?

We’ve actually just had plans approved to renovate 2/3rds of our house, but I'm most looking forward to my new kitchen!


Have you built your own house?

No, I love the character of older houses, so I love a renovation project!

My husband is very over removing old wallpaper though! The last house we Reno’d even had wallpaper over the tiles in the bathroom!!!! Crazy!


Favourite decor item in the house?

My tan leather lounge that I treated myself with when we bought our current house - and a tiny side table we were given that belonged to my husband's grandmother.


Favourite artwork you own?

I was lucky enough to grab a Lizzy Stageman original work a couple of years back which talks about the fact that we are here because of our ancestors that went before us - I think the story behind it is super powerful regardless of race or heritage - We are because they were…


Laura Holland The Block Shop ArtistWe at The Block Shop just love this amazing artist with her kind heart!


Most treasured possession (other than kids or partner!)

There are so many things in my house that I love, but if it was on fire and I had to grab something really fast, it would be 2 pieces of Jewellery passed down to me from my Nan.


Know anyone else who hasn’t been featured on The Block but should be? 

Absolutely - De Gillett is a Brisbane based artist that is incredible - and Ken Tucker who is from Kiama.


A perfect Sunday afternoon would be….

Having all the loads of washing miraculously finished, a clean house and guilt free painting time in the studio!


Anything that you are loving at the moment that you would like to share with us?

Giving back - Its great to sell work and be recognised for your talents, but one of the most rewarding things for me is giving back -  as I mentioned at the beginning, I was a guest speaker did a painting live at the Gala Ball for Dementia Australia and at the end of June I will be painting live again at a fundraiser here in my home city to raise money for a young family with a 4 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with leukemia and are facing a long stretch of time living in Sydney for treatment.

Community and helping others is really important because when we ourselves achieve more and have more, it's then our chance to do more and give more.


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