Artist Spotlight: Jessica Marney

We get to know the artist behind those two great line-prints in Tess and Luke’s Master Bedroom

Artist Jess Marney for The Block Shop
Jess Marney abstract artist and designer.

How long have you been producing your art?
About three years. I studied graphic design a few years back, which was pretty digital-based. I love to make with my hands, which led me to experimenting with different materials. I now do a combination of both art and design.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The simple things - everyday life, nature, weather, travel, humans. A change of environment and seeing new things really helps.

How long does it take you to create a piece?
My one-line drawings are quite quick and spontaneous once the pen hits the paper. I don’t plan out or sketch anything, it’s based on intuition and trusting the process. I feel they are more authentic and honest that way. Some drawings are then further developed on the computer, so a few minutes to a few hours.

How would you describe your art?
Contemporary, figurative.

Kai one line art print by Jess Marney
One line art print 'Kai' by Jess Marney.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
Placid and organic.

How do you come up with a name for your artwork?
Usually, once it is finished I will sit and reflect on it and then a name will tend to come to mind.

Your art features on The Block this year - how did that come about? 
Yes, it features in a room by Tess and Luke. I got a call from Harrie at The Block Shop and I was very excited - I’ve watched so many seasons of The Block and I never really thought I would see my own art on TV! It’s so exciting.

Tess and Luke with Tory from Studio Elwood
Jess saves the day! Tess and Luke in The Block Shop pictured with Tory from Studio Elwood Art who framed the art prints last minute in time for the reveal.

Who are your artistic inspirations?
I have plenty!! I also love to paint, and Heather Day is a female artist I’m really inspired by for her style and use of colour. Also, Picasso, Matisse and De Kooning! 

Where do you like to create your art?
In my studio or at home, usually. Some of my favourite pieces were made on the kitchen table! Sometimes you don’t choose when it happens, you just know you’ve got to go and make!

Jess Marney's artwork in Tess and Luke's Master Bedroom
Tess and Luke's gorgeous master bedroom with 'SJ' and 'Tillie' by Jess.

How do you fit making art around your day?
By making it a priority - otherwise, the days getaway. Even if you just get in an hour or 20 minutes of creativity a day, it’s better than nothing. I also have another job, so I spend most of my spare time on my art practice. I don’t know that you can have a healthy balance of everything all the time, you just need to do what you feel you need to at the time and adjust when needed.

Jess Marney at The Block Shop
Jess at work in her Melbourne studio and making deliveries to The Block Shop!

View more of Jess Marney's art HERE

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