Artist Spotlight: Angie Summa


We speak with The Block Shops newest up and coming artist Angie Summa, who produced Jenny and Dylan's stand out artwork in their winning hallway on The Block 2022.


Angie Summa the block shop artistMeet Angie Summa, a breath of fresh air and an absolute joy to be around! Her artworks are featured in The Block 2022 Treechange. 


How long have you been producing art?

Prior to painting, I was a television producer for 20 years and a photographer for 3 years, so I guess I’ve been producing art, of a sort, for all that time.

It wasn’t until I was 43 that I had an urge to pick up a paintbrush to paint something though. My first painting was a (woeful) portrait of my husband on an A4 piece of paper. It may not have looked very good but I loved the feeling of creating and painting and I wanted to learn more, try again and do better. So I did. I went to a few workshops, practiced practiced and kept practicing and in the process I found my creative self.

It’s only been a year and a half since I started painting and producing art but it’s been the most fulfilling and fun time of my life.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Short answer... Everywhere around me.

Long answer... I’ve recently started reading (and doing) The Artists Way and the author Julia Cameron, mentions in it to pay attention to the details.

My take on that is to notice and pay attention to the small snippets of beauty all around us.

It could be the the way the sun falls on the kitchen bench in the morning, seeing and appreciating the prettiness of the colours of sunset out the window or the way a bunch of flowers seem to take on a personality and character all of their own as they go through the different stages of their life.


Angie Summa artworkAngie says she creates her art by paying attention to the "small snippets of beauty all around us."


How would you describe your art?

I’m usually very happy and energised when I’m painting, so I’d like to think that those feelings are infused into my paintings.

I tend to use predominantly pink and warm colours and I try to add character to the subjects I paint, so the poppy has a bit of personality and movement.

Generally, whether you like my style of art or not, the pieces are happy and positive and hopefully make the viewer smile, even just a little bit.


Your art is featured on The Block this year, tell us more...

I was (and still am) so excited when I found out Dylan and Jenny had selected 'Three Is Not a Crowd' painting for their hallway... and their room won the week, their first win! Beyond excited!

As an emerging artist this is the BIGGEST deal and such a huge boost for my creative self and art journey.

I’m thrilled to not only be featured on the show but now I’m also a part of The Block Shop family.

Three is not a crowd artwork Angie Summa The BlockThe judges loved Angie Summa's artwork 'Three is not a crowd' featured in Dylan and Jenny's winning hallway, and so are the viewers! 


Fave Block couple?

Dylan and Jenny, of course! They featured two of my artworks in their house. The poppies in their winning hallway and an abstract floral, in future weeks with details to come!

Over the years though my faves have been Ronnie and Georgia, Deb and Andy and Michael and Carlene and the twins Alissa and Lysandra (I’ve probably missed a few, sorry!).


Where do you like to create your art?

I have a studio (aka spare bedroom) at home. It’s one of my happy places. I pump out lots of tunes, usually a bit of indie, pop and chill vibes and also love a good throwback Thursday playlist, especially when it includes all my fave songs (whether they be rap and hip hop to grungey, rock or pop vibes) from the 80’s and 90’s.


Angie Summa Scott Cam The Block 2022Angie Summa with Scott Cam onsite at The Block 2022 site, with artwork, 'Easy being green' featured in Scott Cam's hallway. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

Being only a mother to two fur babies and with a wonderful supportive husband by my side, my day to day is pretty easy, fun and fulfilling. My alarm goes o
ff at 5:30am, then it’s coffee and writing my morning pages (from The Artists Way) and any other journal or gratitude notes to set up my day.

A quick meditation before showering and getting started in my studio to paint. At least a couple of hours painting before a late breaky/early lunch then as much painting or creative activities or computer and business tasks to fill the rest of the day.

A big walk or play in the park with the dogs in the arvo and a bit more painting before an early dinner and watching some TV.

I’m a bit of a nanna and tend to go to bed early usually around 8:30-9pm.


Fave holiday destination?

Anywhere and everywhere. I loooove travelling and some of my fave places include Italy (all regions), the Greek Islands, Japan and Vanuatu, for some super chill tropical vibes.


Hardest Person to buy a gift for?

My husband. I try really hard to not always buy practical pressies, but sometimes that’s all he wants and needs.

Angie Summa ArtworkAngie Summa spent time being an artist in residence this year at The Block site in Gisborne, alongside two other artists producing artworks for the show, a creative's dream!


What would you buy yourself from The Block Shop?

Homewares... I’m a sucker for cushions, linens, throws and towels.


Fave house decorating trend?

I’m quite eclectic with my style and like to mix things around a bit. If it’s colourful, relaxed, a bit beachy, a bit mid century, a bit scandi and a whole lot comfy and unfussy, then that’s me.


Most decadent thing in your house?

I have an original Ken Done painting I received as a birthday present and I absolutely adore it for the colours, happiness and simplicity. I love his style.

Angie Summa The Block Shop artist

'Generally, whether you like my style of art or not, the pieces are happy and positive and hopefully make the viewer smile, even just a little bit.' Says Angie, and we cannot agree more.


Oldest and daggiest thing you have in your house that should be thrown out?

We’ve moved a couple of times in the last few years so have been quite good at culling the old and tired stuff we don’t need.

I’m sentimental about things but also have a brutal side of me where I can simply let go and move on too.


Have you built your own house?

Well, funny you ask. We are actually building our dream house at the moment.

It’s still at early stages... only the slabs are going down at the moment, so there’s a long way to go.

My husband and I love the designing and decorating process, going through each room for layouts, fixtures, materials, surfaces and furniture is so exciting.

I don’t think I could do it all in the time frame The Block constants do their houses, that would be very stressful, but give me some house plans and a budget and I’ll happily set forth and have some fun playing interior designer.


Fave decor item in the house?

I’ve started collecting lots of pot plants and I love the greenery and freshness they add to a room.


A perfect Sunday afternoon would be?

A lovely warm summers day, hanging out with my husband and doggies - visiting the local farmers market followed by a delicious wholesome breakfast, relaxing around the pool or uncrowded beach, reading a new book until my eyes fall closed for an afternoon nap.


We loved having the opportunity to speak with Angie Summa, she is an absolute ray of sunshine in real life and it certainly shines through to her work, it's hard to believe this talented artist has been painting for less than two years. No doubt Angie has big things ahead of her and we are so thrilled to have her as apart of The Block Family.

To shop Angie's full range of work head to The Block Shop.


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