Artist Spotlight: Adele Naidoo

We get to know the artist behind that stunning piece of art featured in Andy and Deb’s Formal Lounge…

Adele Naidoo Artist for The Block Shop
Adele who grew up in South Africa with a father as an artist - art and nature surrounded her.

How long have you been producing your art?
I have been creating and experimenting with art for many years. Late 2016 an idea came to me - I had a vision of huge, colourful bird portraits. I felt like the crazy bird lady, but stuck with my vision and early 2018 I released my first series with Greenhouse Interiors – 12 large scale, digitally-drawn bird portraits. Since then I have created three series.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Nature, and my father’s paintings. Growing up in South Africa with a father as an artist, art and nature surrounded me. I learnt to see the beauty found in nature. I always admired his still-life of birds and flowers and this has been interpreted throughout my work. I have been painting with an artistic career in mind for just over two years now. I have been creative for as long as I can remember though, I always loved drawing and painting as a child. I then went on to study graphic design and worked in the industry for several years.

Adele Naidoo Art Print for The Block Shop
The Botanical series featuring 'Fidldle Leaf' and 'Cactus' by Adele Naidoo.

How long does it take you to create a piece?
My first series took me around nine to ten months to complete. I digitally draw all my work, meaning some pieces (depending on the detail) consist of nearly 100 layers, each layer adds more detail, then editing colours to complement the next takes some time. Over the months, however, my style has evolved to mixed media, where I use acrylic and digital art. This adds more of an abstract, simpleness with painting. Now a piece, from conception to print and paint, can take a few days to complete.

How would you describe your art?
Colourful, bold, feminine, chic and fun

Adele Naidoo Art Print for The Block Shop
'Wild Thoughts' and 'Pink Haze' limited edition art print by Adele

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
I love relaxed luxe, a calm palette with a pop of colour, rich earthy textures, organic shapes, dusty pinks, monochrome (yet with all this said, my art can sometimes be a little bolder then my personal aesthetic)

How do you come up with a name for your artwork?
I name it based on the first thing that I think of when I look at it complete, or the feeling I get. There has also been a few times when I’ve asked my 6 year-old what he thinks I should name pieces – this doesn’t exactly go well! On one occasion I titled a piece after him. He looked at a bright floral painting and said it should be called, “Lucky Dip”. I really felt that name, so that’s what it was called!

Deb and Andy Formal Living room - Adele Naidoo Art
Andy and Deb's formal lounge which highlighted Adele's stunning use of art was noted by the judges.

Your art features on The Block this year? How did that come about?
I’ve been watching the show for so many years now - one of my dreams when I was creating my first series, was to have my work on The Block. Watching The Block all these years, all the gorgeous art on the walls, and how it helps a space tell a story, has definitely motivated me to pursue my art in a more serious way. Getting a call from Harrie to say a couple actually purchased my art - and that it was going to be on TV - was one of the highlights of my life!! (besides my husband and children of course!)

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