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Art Sale

For a limited time, Block Shop fans can enjoy $100 off a range of hand-painted artworks on canvas. The entire range of artworks from United Artworks is ALL on SALE!


1.  X Rated

2.  Seafarer

3.  Diamond

4.  Enough for one day

5.  Central point

6.  The Rose Bird

1.  The Fantastic garden

2. Streets ahead

3.  Soueurs Med

4.  Frosty cloud

5.  Flight of the cockatoo

6.  Bloodlust

1.  Birds and Berries

2.  Azure

3.  Zebra Crossing

4.  X Marks the spot

5.  Kate's dream

6.  The Reach.

1.  Stone blue

2.  Roque

3.  Pinkish purple