Alisa & Lysandra give us their tips on choosing the perfect artwork

When it comes to choosing the perfect artwork, Alisa & Lysandra, have had lots of experience. The girls share with us how to refresh and renew your space with art.


What should you consider when selecting the style of artwork?
Whilst we are big advocates of breaking the rules when it comes to choosing artwork, there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you get a cohesive look and feel in your home. Themes and genres are really important; for example placing a 60's inspired pop-art piece in a home that oozes old charm would be a clash, and aesthetically it would feel out of place. Much like coordinating an outfit, successful matching of interiors and art genres is something that needs to be considered at all times. Balance is key!

How do you choose the right colours in your artworks
Interior colour continuity is important when selecting artwork, but be careful because its easy to play it safe and end up looking too matchy-matchy. 
Pick up on colours from your walls, furniture and accessories. If your interiors are fairly monochromatic you can use artwork to introduce a pop of your favourite accent colour.
Aside from your colour scheme assessment it is really important to identity which colours you are attracted to, and yes, black is also a colour!

Do you have any advice on frames?
Frames can complete the look of your artwork depending on your space.
For prints, our recommendation is to choose simple framing and matting so that the emphasis remains on the artwork and not on a fancy frame that may date in the near future. Feel free to mix different colour frames within your interiors (neutral, white, black, silver or even rose gold) but for best results group like-with-like when you're creating a vignette of framed artwork, or mix a maximum of two frame colours.

Is there a rule when it comes to the size of artwork Vs the size of room?

The size of your artwork is relevant to the size of your wall and the feature you wish to create. Depending on the placement of your furniture, a large wall is ideal for a large canvas or framed print. You know you've gone too big if your artwork is overpowering your space, and similarly, you know you've gone too small if your wall looks somewhat empty and poor.


How many artworks should you hang in a room?
There is no rule when it comes to a how much artwork you can place in your home. 
What matters the most is the correct placement, ensuring there is a desirable balance and harmony in your space.

Should you stick to a certain style?
Mixing art genres is acceptable provided that there is a connection between them, be it the colour, the theme, or the mood. You can easily mix abstract artwork with photographic prints if they compliment your interiors.

Do you have to spend lots of money to have beautiful artworks?
Not any more! 
Yes, it's fabulous having an original lithograph from an artist whose work resonates with you, but spending in excess of $3-10K for a single piece is not always an option. We are connected more than ever and we have access to an abundance of inspiration with artists who can now collaborate and digitally deliver their artistic gifts to the world. This makes art ownership more affordable than ever!

Do you each have a favourite piece from the collection?
We love our entire collection, but we each have a piece that really stands out for us.

ALISA'S PICK  Pastel Skies - "The contrast of where light meets dark, along with the touch of the rather dusty fuchsia colour, makes this piece tireless and visually appealing to me."

LYSANDRA'S PICK Resting Places - "I think this piece is really elegant, and I feel a connection with it. This beautiful horses' face is very powerful and it evokes a full spectrum of emotions sadness, happiness, love and yearning."

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