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They're baaaaack. Fresh from taking out The Block: Sky High, twins Alisa and Lysandra return to defend their title. It's been a hectic few months since their first floor apartment sold for $1.435 million – netting them $395,000 in total prize money. Australia's favourite crime-fighting duo have hung up the handcuffs after seven years on the beat in Adelaide and are now online entrepreneurs. Demanding, intense, focused, argumentative and incredibly talented, the twins divided fans last season. They will fight like cat and dog with each other, but heaven help anyone who dares cross one of them… they have each other's back, no matter what. This season, the girls want to change their image and get along with their fellow Blockheads. "On Sky High, when the girls would start to gang up, it could get pretty bitchy," Alisa said. "We really want to have fun this time around," Lysandra said. Renovating disasters, fighting, and lack of sleep aside, the girls are keen to prove they are no one trick ponies and want to showcase a broader, more diverse style than last season. And they are determined to hold on to their title of Bathroom Queens, as crowned by the judges.

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